Skating with the Stars
HAISC Welcomes Dan Whiston and Karen Barber from Dancing on Ice ...

On 12th July 2018, we were all 'star struck' when club members had the opportunity to meet, skate with and develop on ice skills and routines with two of the lynch pin celebrities and all round ice skating legends that are Karen Barber and Dan Whiston!

All of our skaters represented our club beautifully and should be very proud of the impression they gave of the calibre of skaters we have at HAISC.

​Thank you to our new club Chair Diane Scandole for organising this very enjoyable and memorable experience for our rising stars.

Open Letter of intention of resignation
Chair to resign from club 

It is with a heavy heart that I have taken the decision to step down from my position as Chair.  My decision has been brought about by my belief that H.A.I.S.C is deserving of and requires someone at 'the helm' who has infinitely more time than I have at present to dedicate to ensuring the smooth running and future success of the club. As many will know I moved into the role as Chair at what was a turbulent time for the club, as well as for me personally. During my tenure we have witnessed the club strengthen in terms of reputation, held a successful IJS Hull Open Competition, developed a new website, increased participation in our 'In house Competitions' which are also now organised more frequently, re-established the opportunity for skaters to showcase talent at hockey fixtures and encouraged our youngsters to have more of a voice through the introduction of a 'Junior Committee'. I wish to express my deepest thanks to the committee for all of their hard work and support and I sincerely wish nothing but the very best for the future of the club. I have expressed my interest in continuing to manage and update the club website, including forwarding queries which come through the site, but we are now welcoming any interest from parents to take over as Chair. Please approach Our Vice-Chair and Treasurer Diane Scandole for further information.

Best Wishes

The University of Hull
'Give it a Go'

We recently welcomed students from the University of Hull to our club...

As part of a series of initiatives designed to introduce students to new sports, crafts and hobbies we organised for thirty University of Hull students to try our sport.

Students were able to enjoy a 30 minute lesson with our Skate UK coach Jess and for the remainder of their time they skated amongst our club members under the watchful eye of our club Chair and our Safeguarding Officer.

A great time was had by all. The students were hugely impressed by the standard of skating exhibited by our HAISC members and many said that they would be interested in returning to the rink to try the adult Skate UK courses.

Thank you to all our club members and coaches (especially Jess) for making the students feel so welcome.
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