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Chair and Treasurer; Diane Scandole

'Hi I'm Diane the lady in control of all the money !! I have been involved with the club for nearly five years now. It all started when my daughter took a strong interest in ice skating and now I practically live at the rink. You can find me at the membership desk on our weekly club night. I look forward to meeting you then.'
  Vice Chair; Sally Scholes

A pleasure to meet you! Although I hung my skates up long ago, I was formerly a competitive senior ladies skater and am still passionate about our sport and developing the skills of the new generation of ice figure skaters. You will usually find me hosting events and competitions microphone in hand. I am also the person behind our website.

Safe Guarding and Child Protection Lead; Andrew Parker

Hi there. As an ice hockey official, I have been closely linked to the rink for some years now. When my younger sister took up figure skating I joined the committee as Child Protection Officer, as I have gained extensive experience of child safeguarding in both a professional and recreational capacity.
Secretary; Sarah Salt 

Sarah is the organised one who keeps all our membership details correct and informs parents and members of their membership status. Sarah is also a 'Skater Mum' who is dedicated to her daughter's skating and can  often be found touring the various UK ice rinks of a weekend watching her daughter take part in competitions.

Safe Guarding and Child Protection Officer; Jane Rodgers

Jane is an Ice Hockey Player and mother of 12! With three of her daughters taking an avid interest in figure skating, Jane has crossed over and is now as passionate about Salchows as she is about Slap Shots!

Interested in becoming a volunteer with us?

We are always looking for other committee members who can bring innovative and creative ideas to the club. If you have a unique skill, web design, funding raising ideas, or are just keen to be involved with your child’s club/hobby/sport, please contact us.

As a committee we meet every three months for one hour when the club is running, so there is no additional pressure to attend the rink at other times.